RIP: Sing On My Song!

RIP: The recording is now complete (circa November 28th 2015). It will be released as the opening song to the double album “Winter” by The Sun Harmonic, to be released in 2016. Thank you to the 50 piece patchwork choir who participated around the globe. I’ll leave the original text below just for fun…

Instructional Video:

Sing on my song! Make your recording debut on “Rivers Will Rise“, a new tune from the upcoming piano album by The Sun Harmonic. Instructions below!

All you need is a computer mic, a phone, handheld recording device, or home studio setup, and your own vocal cords. I am accepting all ranges and styles of singers, I am interested in making this sound like “the people” and it is headed in that direction. I invite you to join us.


1. Learn the words and melody of the song, starting at 0:57 in the video

2. Put on a pair of headphones (to eliminate the song from your recording)

3. Sing along to the song in to your microphone (at close range, without distorting please)

4. Send me the file of your vocal through email (name the file your first and last name for credit purposes)

I will also state that you should try to make it sound the best you can (meaning you should not record with the dryer or dishwasher in the background, I will have to drastically turn you down to still achieve indie record quality.

For those with home studios and possible higher audio qualities, please record and send your file at 48 kHz and 24 bit.

Thank you all.

Sincerely, Kaleb “The Sun Harmonic” Hikele

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